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Producent: Double Alpha Academy
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PCC Magazine Pouch for Glock and SIG MPX magazines.

Pistol Caliber Carbine - also known as PCC, is a fast growing division at IPSC and USPSA competitions worldwide, and it presents its own unique set of challenges and equipment requirements. Double-Alpha is proud to rise to the challenge, and offer this custom designed PCC magazine pouch, tailor-made for the extra-long, extra-heavy magazines used in this division.

The DAA PCC magazine pouch body is made of tough fiber-reinforced nylon, injection moulded for a consistent perfect fit. Two adjustment screws allow you to set the retention force of your magazine to your preference. The pouch body is extra-long and deep, measuring  approx. 12cm or 4.75”. This ensures those 40, or 50 round magazines are held securely. A cutout window on the front of the pouch enables you to draw the magazine out a little earlier, despite its length. a beveled upper edge makes inserting the magazines easier and faster, for those “pickup” stages.
Two available pouch models are each designed for their intended magazine only – one for the Glock and the other for the SIG MPX. No spacers are used, unlike with our pistol pouches. The pouches are designed to hold the magazine with bullets pointing backwards, which is more compatible for the “fist-grab” reload technique used by most in PCC.

The pouch body is ambidextrous, allowing assembly of the belt-hanger’s ball-joint on either side, and at three optional height positions. The large ball-joint attaches with two mounting screws and custom-made steel T-slot nuts, for extra strength and durability. 

The DAA PCC magazine pouch Belt Hanger is made of fully-machined anodized aluminum, and designed to be as strong and sturdy as our holster ball-joint. It’s made much larger than our pistol pouches to withstand the additional forces generated by the very long magazines and popular horizontal carry angle. 
The ball-joint enables you to adjust your magazine to be orientated perfectly for your carry preference and reloading motion, helping you save time and gain consistency. The Belt-hanger bracket includes a removable spacer, fitting to a 1.5” or 1.75” Belt. The screws tighten down on a wide steel plate, to hold the large pouch securely on your rig.

For those serious about competing in PCC – this is the mag pouch you’ve been waiting for!

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